How I Can Help

At a Glance:

  • Writing for Marketing and Corporate Communications
  • Branding (customer experience) Strategy
  • Marketing Plans
  • Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Collateral
  • The Details:

    Love is a word I use to describe the desired outcome of your entire customer experience efforts. This isn’t about being sentimental. This is about your bottom line, about getting and keeping customers and making money for your business.

    My work is about helping you define what is lovable about your business or brand (evaluation,) finding who loves you (observation,) and sharing the love (planning and doing.) Here’s what I mean by that:


    What are the “touch points” where you interact with customers? Do they come away from these experiences feeling positive or negative? Since brand is about experience, I can help you evaluate user experience of your product and/or service and build consistency in positive customer experience. What is great and unique about what you are offering in the marketplace? That’s the starting point for a solid marketing strategy. That’s defining what is lovable about you!


    Do you know who your customers are,where they drink coffee, what they do when they are not dealing with a pain that requires the relief of your product or service? Do you know who your potential customers are? Let’s find out together, not to spy on them, but to build a relationship with them.

    Planning and Doing

    Feeling like getting the word out is like shouting in a deserted canyon, your own personal echo chamber? Along with helping potential customers find out about you, I’ll help you communicate and build relationships with your current customers, your fan base, who are your greatest advocates.


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