Community Banking is a Local Treasure

local bank2This is an article I wrote for It’s one more example of the power and multiple layers of potential for positive/negative customer experience.

Years ago, I did my banking at a large national bank that soon got swallowed up by an even larger bank. The weekend of the takeover, I called the branch, now under new management, where I had done my banking for several years. The outgoing message mispronounced the name of the town where they had just set up shop. My home town! They lost my business, and that branch soon closed.

I quickly moved to a much smaller community-based bank. The manager knows my name, says “Hello” every time I’m in the place. Transactionally speaking, I get what I need from a bank, plus the trust that comes from a relationship with a bank staff I also see in the grocery store and at the post office.

Smaller, local banks are gaining cache in the current financial climate. I spoke with Fred Schea of First Savings Bank of Perkasie. You know it’s a local bank, because Fred’s title is President and CEO, yet he took time to talk with me for this article …. (Continue reading article HERE.)

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