Missional Church is Making Me a Better Brand Strategist

“Missional Church” is an attempt made over the last decade or so to describe the core, no b.s. ideals of the Jesus movement. Missional church assumes that church as we know it at this moment in time (at least in North America) has largely lost its way. There’s volumes more to say about that, obviously, but not the point of this post.

I’ve come to realize that my training in missional church leadership is a real asset in my work as a brand strategist. Brand strategy assumes people can see through most gimmicks, smoke, and mirrors. Brand is about people’s lived experience with your product or service, and their visceral reaction to those experiences. So trying to spread a positive message about a brand is futile if all the touch points, all experiences, are negative. 

Missional church uses different language, but there’s such a correlation here. People have disengaged from church in droves over many decades, because touch points were negative, because they could see that “Brand X” church was more interested in budgets, buildings, and butts in the pews than in actually living in a pattern resembling the teachings of Jesus.

Missional church is organic and viral. It’s not a top-down 5 point strategy to get 200% growth in numbers or your money back. It only “works” if people feel an authentic connection with a group of Jesus followers. It’s about a group figuring out together, “How is God trying to make this little corner of the world a better place, and how can we join in?”

The best brands aren’t necessarily “on a mission from God,” but they are most effective when people feel a kinship, feel a connection, and want to spread the word about that feeling.

More to be said, but it’s time to get the kiddies up for school..


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