now that we’ve found love what are we gonna do … with it?

I’ve been exploring the interplay between the companies that have piqued my interest in the last year or so, and my work in identity formation in my churchy role (pastor). Then a tune kept running through my head, “Now that we’ve found love what are we gonna do …?” Feel free to bop your head around as you read further.

The companies and web sites in my “ideas I love” section don’t seem to have a common focus. One’s a design consultancy, one’s a biz magazine offshoot, one’s a social media outlet, one’s a brand/identity co, and one’s a purveyor of fine language learning programs.

But it seems to me that these and other companies have “found the love” and have also figured out in beautiful ways what to do with it. They are “Designful Companies,” in the words of Marty Neumeier (thanks, Geno).

Widgets come and go, but love is the killer ap (I might have heard that somewhere before.) These companies sell something of value and get $$ in return, but they offer something more — the realization that whatever they offer is part of someone’s larger story — the trip to Argentina they want to take, or the love of a grand party that led to purchasing the flower shop in the first place — these companies have the love within, and share the love with those with whom they work. They invite people to discover “experiences that rivet minds and run away with hearts.” 

This is not just the kind of hope-ey drivel spewed out in the years before the .com implosion. This is good business.

I’m realizing, too, that I have a role in this world. Sometimes, in my marketing work, it feels as if I’m just doing the nuts and bolts – a mailer here, a logo there, a brochure over there — and in my churchy work, it’s easy to get consumed with minutia. 

But I’ve also been helping people see not just “We’re members (whatever that means) of Church X,” but that the joy a person finds in interacting with moms and dads on the sideline at the kids soccer game is their role in the Jesus movement. Or finding the fun in helping an electrician express their passion for lighting design through the image people see on the side of their vans.

Love is the killer ap. If you’ve found it, now what?


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