Jim and Casper

The spiritual formation (ok, fine, sunday school) class I’m a part of will soon be looking at the book Jim and Casper Go to Church. Jim is a friend of mine from a while back, and I’m looking forward to exploring this stuff.

What the book boils down to is the question: How should Christians interact with the culture around us without making people want to throw mildly offensive objects at us?

Here’s a couple of handy charts I worked up a few years back that get at what I hope is turning into a shift in attitudes and actions among people who are theoretically fans of Jesus and what he stands for. These are adapted from some work done by another Jim – Amstutz, who, I think, adapted them from some work Alan Roxburgh was doing. Anyway,

It’s a shift from this:




Jim and Casper (a Christian and an Atheist) go to various churches around north america, and basically look at if and how the churches are making this kind of shift. Should be fun stuff.


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